c Hixx Natural Orthopaedic Dog Beds
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Natural Orthopaedic Dog Beds

Cut from different cloth.

It’s ok to be on the outside looking in, it gives you perspective and allows you to swim against the current.
We’ve always asked awkward questions and stuck our noses where they were unwelcome.
It doesn’t make us popular but it gets us to the truth. 
It is why we started making products that offer the best possible solution for dogs.
 Our beds are at the heart of that philosophy.
We know that what goes into a bed makes the difference between a good nights sleep and a bad one.
Because sleep is the cornerstone of every healthy body we refuse to do normal or average.
Our aim is higher.
Orthopaedic in their very nature, our beds provide dogs with support that is unmatched in their efficacy,
quality and environmental credentials.  We refused to use memory foam from the outset
because of the cancerous gasses it emits and other serious problems associated with it.
Instead we use the finest organic latex, coco-fibres and organic British lambs wool. 
This means unrivalled support and weight distribution for aching and sore joints
bought about by conditions such as hip dysplasia, rheumatism and arthritis.
They also give relief from pressure points and hot spots which in turn facilitates blood flow.
This is essential for maintaining a healthy body and means your dog will be better able to fight off disease and infection.
Even young dogs benefit from quality sleep.
It is vital for good mental and physical health and means they can have a robust run up to old age.
We never compromise our own dogs health, we don’t expect you to either.
Welcome to the revolution.