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Felted Wool Rings

Beautifully simple and simply natural.

These natural felt toys mean that there is nothing but wool in your dogs mouth when playing games.

Hand made using natural wool, these felted toys are completely un-dyed and chemical free. They are coloured only by the natural tones of the sheep's wool and because they are just wool, they are very tactile and comfortable to bite. Safer than most other toys, they are also totally digestible meaning that if should they be eaten, they will not cause blockages in the gut which can cause discomfort and often require expensive veterinary assistance.
They are excellent at keeping teeth clean and because they are solid felt they are remarkably resilient when played with during supervised play. 

A safe lasting toy that is good right down to the last bite.

    • Natural Toothbrush.

      Coloured by the natural wool colour.

      Long lasting.

      100% Natural.

      Satisfies the natural urge to chew. 


      Made in Britain.


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