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Nest Orthopaedic Dog Bed

Luxury isn't just for people

With all the luxury of the Classic bed the Nest Orthopaedic dog bed provides extra nurturing with a generous organic wool lined bolster which keeps drafts out and soft enough to lay a weary head on. 

Great for when the seasons get serious.

These dog beds are hand cut and made to order.
They usually ship two weeks after order.

Vegan option

If you require the vegan option using cotton instead of wool at no additional cost please indicate it in the order notes.

  • Mattress Filling

    Organic Coir coated with Natural Latex
    Organic Latex layers
    British Organic Wool layers GOTS  Standard

    Mattress Cover

    Robust Unbleached Organic Cotton.
    Machine washable at 30 degrees.

    Outer Cover

    Bull Denim Cotton.
    Machine washable at 30 degrees.


    Polished Brass with an Unbleached Cotton tape.

    Excellent for dogs with rheumatism, arthritis and hip displasia
    Relieve pressure points and hot spots
    Naturally antimicrobial
    Naturally supportive
    Naturally temperature regulating
    Made of organic materials
    Breathable layers
    Made in Britain
    Hand made luxury

    All sizes are internal dimensions


  • The Facts

    Organically grown coir fibres are pressed into springy resilient sheets and coated with natural latex. This creates a strong breathable base and sides that are hypoallergenic, anti microbial, mould and dust mite resistant and also has excellent insulation properties.

    A natural latex layer is at the heart of this bed. A luxury material that has previously not been found in dog beds. Latex is soft and supportive and is the natural alternative to memory foam. It helps to relieve pressure points,heat spots,is hypoallergenic, anti microbial and mould and dust mite resistant. This durable and deeply cushioning material also has excellent thermal regulating qualities.

    Four substantial layers of British Organic Wool provide a luxurious top layer and covers both the base and sides of the bed. Wool is an active fibre and as such is an excellent temperature regulator by drawing moisture and excess heat away in the summer and providing warmth in the winter. It is also impressively breathable and a natural flame retardant.

    A heavy weight, washable organic cotton fabric covers the mattress giving an extra layer of protection and resilience. The Nest is finished with an outer cover using a robust, washable cotton denim fabric that is soft but tough as nails. Bull Denim is durable and heavier than regular denim but not stiff like canvas.

    Additional covers can be purchased HERE.

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