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Help us close the loop

Visit your local landfill site and you'll be horrified to see how much is being stuffed under the green carpet of the British countryside.
Over 35 Million Tonnes of rubbish a year is stuffed into our beautiful landscape and the fall out from that means that we will be treating toxic liquids and gasses for decades to come.
Not to mention the catastrophic effect on wildlife and the environment in general. 
We know that the impact of a product on the environment starts at the design process.
The type of materials, the quality of them and how they are put together have a direct impact on the life of a product and its afterlife. 
So, inspired by nature's continuous cycle, we developed a programme that means our products are not going to contribute to this wasteful problem.
We hope that you will help us keep it green and clean.  




Everything we do is made by craftsmen who excel in their craft.

Obsessively particular, we mindfully source the finest materials. Everything is individually handmade and finished and never mass produced.

That's because we are not trying to sell the most beds, just the best.





Our products are made with only biological materials.

Not harmful to your dog, to you or to our planet.

Dogs continue to be our inspiration and we are committed to creating the best and most natural life we can for them. 






Should you choose to freepost it back, we will refurbish,

repurpose or recycle your item.

Every product that we create from that will be sent to a dog shelter. 

As a thank you for completing the loop and no matter what state your item is when you return it, we will give you a discount on your next purchase.

In the first instance, get in touch with us here so we can arrange for your item to be picked up and your discount code given.