c Hixx Natural Luxury Dog Beds
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Hixx Organic Dog Beds

We believe in non-toxic love.

That's why everything we produce is either organic or natural.

We are responsible for what we create and are serious about
that for the life of our products and beyond.
We create Orthopaedic dog beds without poisonous, carcinogenic, gas emitting foams in them.
Instead they are packed with organic latex and organic British wool. 
We also design them so they will still have a value at the end of their life with you,
so if you freepost your bed back, it can begin a new life with us.
It will be reconditioned or repurposed and every product
we make from it will be donated to a dog shelter
As a thank you, we will give you a discount on your next purchase. 
We believe that if we nurture nature, nature will nurture us.