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Why here?


Faversham is one great place to build a business from.

It's a town that really knows how to make things.
Historically it has been a significant contributor to our nation's economy making everything from ships to beer since the 1500's.
It played a significant part of the industrial revolution by starting Britain's explosives industry, one of the factories that pioneered cement was established here and electrical current was first demonstrated here. Our London stock bricks built most of London and our oysters fed most of London and at one time we exported more wool than any other English port and more wheat. Incredibly, we still have the barges that supported our industry and these days you can see them racing during the summer months looking magnificent.
Industrial and industrious we have a rich seam of entrepreneurial spirit that provides the pulse to this hard working market town.
We won't accept that manufacturing has gone from Britain and if there is a town that we can make anything in,
it's here, where its history is its template for the future
We love the ingenuity of entrepreneurs and the passion for manufacturing that hangs in the air here
and that's why we are making an investment in this town and its people.
That's why the first thing we want to make here is British jobs.