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At the foothills ready for the ascent

We exist for two reasons. Love and love.
Love of all animals and whilst it's not always fair to have favourites... we do.
Dogs are the very fabric of our beings here at Hixx. We design our lives with and around them and now we have even built a brand committed to them. Dogs are our daily bread. They nurture us and allow us to nurture them. They protect, love and teach us and even exercise us on a daily basis. They are in short, a lifestyle game changer with rewards that can be unbelievably positive and far reaching.

The only real pain they bring is when they leave us and that can reach so deeply into us as humans that some of us cannot bare the thought of enduring that loss again and so leave the world of dog ownership.
A damned if you do or damned if you don't scenario.
For us, life would be unimaginable without dogs.

The second love is borne out of something more fundamental.
A love of doing what is right. Right for us and the dogs that we love, right for our community, country and planet. These are our tenets and the reason we get up in the morning, that and to let the dogs out whilst taking our first caffeine hit. There's a thrill that comes from the decide-design-deploy aspect of a business and that feeling is super sized when it is underpinned by core principals. We know what the right thing to do is as far as manufacturing is concerned, namely make it here and make it clean. We also know that animals deserve to be enveloped in nature, the best love a mother can give. If you add to that a near clinical obsession with producing the finest quality accessories, you get an idea of just how steep this ascent is going to be.

We measure ourselves by our own yardstick which is both testing and rewarding.
It also steadies us. It keeps us on our path, a path that as yet is uncharted.
Nobody has committed an entire brand to keeping dogs toxic free, what ever they are doing.

We hope you'll stand shoulder to shoulder with us on our adventure and together we can build something solid from something soft.