Natural, sustainable, supportive  and orthopaedic dog bed


At Hixx we work from the inside out.
The three tenets at the core of our business are
make it luxurious, make it sustainable and make it clean.

Large Dog on Natural, orthopaedic dog bed

We passionately believe in natural materials and so our beds are packed full of them.

They don't just look good though.
We make sure our beds work hard because they have an important job to do.
They have to support your dog, regulate their temperature and be breathable.
Because these materials are natural, animals feel comfortable in them,
much like we do when we put on a cotton shirt as opposed to a polyester one.
These materials and our uncompromising craftsmanship
make these beds world class.

Coco Fibres

These organically grown coconut fibres are a waste product of the food industry and are both hard wearing and springy because of their high lignin content. To ensure maximum ventilation and elasticity they are formed into sheets that are then sprayed with natural latex. This is a naturally fire retardant material that also has excellent thermal insulation.

Organic Latex

A fully renewable, natural and organic foam, it provides unmatched support, durability and softness. It helps to relieve pressure points, is hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, mould and dust mite resistant. This hard wearing and deeply cushioning material is also breathable with excellent thermal regulating qualities ensuring your dog stays at a comfortable temperature
and has a perfect nights sleep.

GOTS Standard Organic British Wool

Wool is an active fibre and as such is an excellent temperature regulator by drawing moisture and excess heat away in the summer and providing warmth in the winter. It is also impressively breathable and a natural flame retardant and because of the structure of the fibres is sumptuously soft.

GOTS Standard Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton is highly absorbent and temperature
regulating, it is soft, breathable and hypoallergenic.
A perfect alternative to wool if you require a vegan alternative.

Quality in. Quality out.

We believe in the power of natural sleep.
Our beds are powered by Mother Nature and
provide a robust foundation for your dog's health.