The best way way to predict the future is to design it.

- Buckminster Fuller

A successful business isn't just about the profit line. Our business is an extension of us, our values and our passions and at Hixx we know that actions add up. Whilst some of the big decisions are key to our sustainability we appreciate that so are the small ones. 

Whilst the fashion industry is beginning to make in roads into a circular economy and slow fashion nobody has taken up the challenge in the pet accessories industry. That is until now. With a whopping £7bn being spent on our pets every year in the U.K alone and rising, a high percentage of this will eventually represent a mountain of waste. With tonnes of it being dumped into the British landscape and waterways, we knew we had to be part of the solution and not the problem. 

That's why all our products are made with natural materials that are recyclable, compostable, biodegradable and fully sustainable.


However, it's not just the visible waste that is the problem, it's also the invisible.
CO2 emissions and greenhouse gas (gasses that trap heat in the earths atmosphere) are warming the planet up)are the big ones.


The carbon footprint of a product means that everything in the process of making it is taken into account. That ensures we do everything we can to keep it as low as possible.  
Whether it's walking to our first design meeting about a new product,
running our site on 100% renewable energy or using recycled plastics
and cardboard as our packaging when we send your purchases to you,
we are continually striving to reduce our impact on our planet.
We prefer carbon toe print to carbon foot print.  
That's one big reason why we design, develop and make in Britain.
We know it's easier and significantly cheaper to follow the pack and manufacture
in far flung places but it just doesn't sit easy with us.
It's not just the impact on their workforce that bothers us it is also the impact on ours.
Globalisation poses significant challenges to British craftsmanship and its heritage
and we feel it would be unthinkable not to utilise these incredible skills.
Not only does it mean that you will own a product that we believe is unsurpassed
in its quality, integrity and environmental credentials. It also ensures these skills are
staying alive and providing apprenticeships for younger people.
The passing on of these secrets reinforce our traditions and help
keep the essence of these communities intact.


It also means that we can offer a repair service to ensure that you and your dog
will enjoy the beds and sheepskins for as long as possible.

Repair service