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Our Nature


Bulldog stubborn

The driving force behind each and every item we produce is our passionate belief that every dog should be able to live a natural, healthy life.
The great part about being passionate is that it can change everything.
It can develop into new beliefs, new products, new ways of doing things. 
The key though is to execute them responsibly and incredibly well.

It's not just about the end product or indeed the individual, its also about the whole and we believe in positively impacting not just those around us but also our planet and so we have built our business on sustainability. That's why we insist on doing things our way and nobody else's.

Admittedly it's not the cheapest or the easiest route but we simply won't be told. But then, we've always been stubborn. Just ask our parents.


Quality in. Quality out.

Because we were bought up on a healthy diet of challenging the status quo together with a deep love of animals and nature, it's almost inevitable that today we are making revolutionary styled dog beds with unrivalled comfort and environmental credentials. Made to be played in, loved in and slept in, they get better with age because of the stories they tell about whose bed it is. Beds that have nature at the very heart of them.

Sure, we could follow the pack and simply stuff them with poly fibres or worse, memory foam but then that would go against everything we stand for. Nature is at our foundation because we know that it's the best at keeping dogs supported, dry and at a comfortable temperature.
We don't like the feeling of man made fabrics next to our skin
so why would we inflict it on our dogs? Worse than that is just how toxic these things are for us and our environment. 






We also realise it would be easier to manufacture out east. Easier and cheaper and we wish those that have done that well but we like it here, at home, in funny old England. It suits us because we are passionately old-fashioned about our approach and here we get to work with our heritage. We use equipment that is part of Britains industrial heritage and skills that have been passed down through generations that are in danger of dying out. Some of these have traditionally been used in other industries like sail making for the local Thames Barges,
and are easily transferred and so retained.

Our beds are individually handmade, not mass produced.
Yes that takes more time but we feel that the attention and care we put into each bed is reflected in the end result.
After all we are not trying to sell the most beds, just the best.




Yard stick

Obsessively particular, we mindfully source the finest materials. We buy organic lambs wool from British farmers and we use organic fabrics that have been produced by small, family run businesses that have the same keen eye for detail and values as us.

Not an easy solution by any means but we are rewarded with the immense feeling of satisfaction of making something of such superior quality that we are proud to say "yes, we made that". Heck, if we were weren't making them we'd be buying them and that's our yard stick.
That's the way it is and that's how it's staying.

Like we said....stubborn.