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We believe in non-toxic love.

That's why everything we produce is either organic or natural.

We are responsible for what we create and are serious about
that for the life of our products and beyond.
We create Orthopaedic dog beds without poisonous, carcinogenic, gas emitting foams in them.
Instead they are packed with organic latex and organic British wool. 
We also design them so they will still have a value at the end of their life with you,
so if you freepost your bed back, it can begin a new life with us.
It will be reconditioned or repurposed and every product
we make from it will be donated to a dog shelter
As a thank you, we will give you a discount on your next purchase. 
We believe that if we nurture nature, nature will nurture us. 

Field Notes

Hops. A Solstice celebration.

June 21, 2017

Living in Kent naturally brings you into close contact with hops.
Partly through enjoying dog walks through hop gardens and partly (mainly)
through drinking them. We are surrounded by nature here and although the air
is filled with the sweet smell of strawberries, it’s the hops that we see everywhere
(part of the same family as Strawberries and Cannabis). 
This time of year they literally hang heavy air. A curious fact about hops is ....

The hardest working beds in the business.

May 05, 2017

Natural Wild Rover Dog beds

Here at Hixx we work from the inside out.

That is why everything we produce has been made by mother nature first.
We want our beds to do more than look good. They have a job to do.
That is why nature is at the heart of everything we do because we know that it's
the best at keeping dogs supported, dry and at a comfortable temperature.