c The hardest working beds in the business. - Hixx
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The hardest working beds in the business.



Chocolate Labrador sitting on Hixx natural bed in a Land Rover Defender

Here at Hixx we work from the inside out.

That is why everything we produce has been made by mother nature first.
We want our beds to do more than look good. They have a job to do.
That is why nature is at the heart of everything we do because we know that it's
the best at keeping dogs supported, dry and at a comfortable temperature. 

Our beds are hand cut and made in Britain to order with the individual attention of their maker.
That’s because we are not trying to sell the most beds, just the best.
Whilst we know that dogs are defined by their spirit and not by their accessories,
their true force of nature means they deserve love the best way possible.
Dogs are our inspiration and we are unflinching in creating the
best and most natural life we can for them.