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British Rare Breeds Sheepskin

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Sheepskins with a lavishly deep pile providing naturally cushioned support for your dog.

We only sell British Sheepskins that have been tanned in Britain and we only handpick the best from the best. It's a principle with us and it is driven by a deep commitment to British farmers and Britain's heritage. 

Sheep are our oldest domestic animal and sheep farming is Britain's oldest industry.

Wool has a complex structure which naturally cleans the air we breath of contaminants. It is breathable, water absorbent, anti-bacterial, odour resistant and one of the best thermoregulators in existence. It is also naturally stain resistant and is anti-static thereby attracting less dust.

We also offer a refurbishment and repair service.

British Sheepskin: Blackface White Breed natural white colour.Approximately 105cm X 66cm.

All our sheepskins are 100% British full hide.
Provide natural warmth.
Tanned in Britain by hand.
Machine washable at 30 degrees.
A Made in Britain luxury accessory.


100% British Sheepskin


The national flock is roughly half of what it was in 1992 due to a number of environmental and economic reasons. Sadly the British countryside is changing as a result. With the impact of the developing world flooding the market with cheap, cruelly produced sheepskins, British farmers and shepherds together with our tanneries are fast becoming a rare breed. 

Whilst it is significantly cheaper for the consumer, the export of tanning to Asia has had a high cost to the environment with unregulated dumping of hazardous waste creating some of the most toxic areas on the planet. The poorly paid workers of these toxic tanneries proving to be as polluted as the waterways surrounding them. These sheepskins are the mass produced ones you will find in most commercial outlets.

We ensure that animal and worker welfare together with a deep respect for the environment are priorities. Having visited a number of British farms we cannot help but be impressed with the exceptionally high standard of the sheep, the care that they receive and the dedication the farmers and shepherds have towards their flocks.

Our tannery uses traditional methods of tanning by hand with the waste recycled for use in power stations and other industries.
Expertly hand selected, our British sheepskins are of unrivalled quality and are tanned only at the right time of the year for that breed and only when the fleece is at the right stage of growth.


All our sheepskins are washable on a wool wash with enzyme-free and bleach-free detergent.


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Standard (3-5 days) £4.99

Weekday Express (1-2 days) £8.99

Weekend Express (Saturday delivery) £15.99

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Weekday Express (1-2 days) £8.99

Weekend Express (Saturday delivery)£15.99

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British Sheepskin: Blackface White Breed natural white colour.Approximately 105cm X 66cm.

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