Fallow Antler Dog Chews

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Created by nature, naturally shed, sustainable and with potent nutritional benefits.

    These superior antlers are softer than Red Deer antlers making them a more appropriate chew for older puppies and older dogs. They are long lasting, good for teeth and because of their impressive nutritional benefits, they are also excellent for dogs with sensitive stomachs or are on fat controlled diets. The antlers are packed full of minerals, protein, calcium and nutrients.
    Our deer antler dog chews are traceable and are harvested from a sustainable, natural resources where the deer are wild and are never harmed. These antlers are hand washed in pure water, hand cut and then hand sanded to smooth all the edges. Every chew is hand checked for quality. We also only stock Grade A or AA antlers. 

    A safe lasting chew that is good right down to the last bite.
    ✓ From sustainable sources  ✓ 100% Natural   ✓Contain Collagen and Glucosamine ✓ Non-splinter  ✓Extremely Durable  ✓ Naturally cleans teeth  ✓ Satisfies the natural urge to chew  ✓ Does not contain any artificial additives or preservatives  ✓ 100% Untreated ✓ Made in U.K. 


    Sizes and Prices: Large £21.95
    Nutritional Benefits

    The "oil" for creaky joints, tendons, ligaments and cartilage it reduces pain associated with ageing and reduces risk of joint deterioration. Significantly effective in treating osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and other joint pain conditions. It also “seals and heals” the protective lining of the gastrointestinal tract and therefore is excellent at treating gastrointestinal symptoms and disorders.

    Aids towards maintaining vision, reproductive health, immune system, bone density, heart health and blood clotting. Lipids support and protect vital organs including your heart, kidneys, liver and spleen.They are also temperature regulating.

    With its anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties it can significantly aid with disorders like arthritis and osteoarthritis by improving mobility and joint health. It slows down deterioration when used long term and has been found to aid bone formation and lining cells in the case of bone fractures. It also improves digestion and gut health. 

    The mineral calcium is essential to bone health. It also helps maintain heart rhythm, muscle function, and can help in the healthy functioning of cardiac muscles. It also prevents Kidney Stones.

    It plays a key role in skeletal, muscle and organ health and also helps to balance hormones naturally. It ensures our metabolism runs smoothly and help boost energy levels. It also tones the digestive system, ensure healthy kidneys and guarantees proper brain function, cognitive growth and development.

    This gives the dark shade of red to the blood and aids in transporting oxygen to the body and brain. It can aid against preventing some cognitive disorders when your dog gets older by providing essential oxygenation to the brain and helping in the the growth of new neural pathways .
    It's a vital element for muscle health, plays a key role in supporting the immune system and helps in the treatment of chronic disorders like renal failure, anaemia, and other chronic diseases of the intestinal and excretory system.

    Excellent for muscle and nerve function, it also reduces the risk of stroke, lowers blood pressure, protects against loss of muscle mass, preserves bone mineral density, and reduces the formation of kidney stones.

    Aids in storing and releasing energy together with muscle movement, nervous system regulation and bone formation and density. It is instrumental in keeping diabetes at bay, maintaining heart health and relieving anxiety.



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    Standard (3-5 days) £4.99

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    Weekend Express (Saturday delivery) £15.99

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    Sizes and Prices: Large £21.95

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